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What is healthy world nutrition? 

A fusion of the love of food, true wellness, and cultural diversity is the inspiration for this practice.

A naturopathic doctor once said to me "people put a lot of power into little pills."   By this, she meant that people are so used to the idea that if you get sick you can take a pill to relieve the trouble, that this has become the standard way to deal with being unwell.   However when they are used frequently for the same persistent problems, these pills can mask symptoms of deeper issues, which continue to be present until we solve the underlying cause of the problem.  When we take responsibility for our own health and search until we find the root cause(s) of health problems, it gives us the drive to change eating habits and be truly mindful of nutrient intake.  This brings people  to a place of greater health, and radiant health.   When people are healthy and happy, their confidence affects their environment and contributes to the improved health of the people around them.  Everyone is interconnected with each other in communities, countries, continents, and globally, so a healthier you = a healthier world.  


In a similar way, the interconnectedness of body systems means that health or dis-ease in one area can manifest in another place.  For example, problems in the GI tract often affects a person's immunity, mood, and (or) skin.  

During and after our consults I want you to feel empowered.  As you learn more, you can take charge of your health - no matter what issues you face.  Learning about how food affects you can enable you to break unhealthy habits, often with more ease than you might expect.  Beginning new habits will allow you to redefine your relationship with food and to see the benefits first hand.  I look forward to supporting you on that journey!

Nuri Adams-Davies, BA(Hons), DipCNM, CNHC

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