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how i got started

Successfully using food and nutrients to manage my own health issues, such as weight gain, osteoarthritis, and low immunity has made me passionate about helping others to help themselves.


  While at university, my studies focused in both humanities, and health sciences.  This reflected my life-long fascination with different cultures, and my motivation for helping empower people to heal and rebalance themselves.  After moving to England, I chose to attend the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) because of its focus on evidence-based medical research.  I received my diploma in 2016, and have been practicing both with Healthy World Nutrition, and at a private clinic.   Additionally, I work with the NHS as nursing staff in a busy A&E department.  


Over the past three years I have become increasingly interested in supporting healthy eating habits of individuals with cancer.  While investigating this area, I still regularly see clients with a wide variety  of issues, such as hormonal problems, yeast overgrowth, IBS and IBD, mood disorders, and stress. 

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